Online English classes with qualified native trainers via Skype for Business.

Starting from 15 March, Exclusive International will provide English classes online via Skype for Business.

Most people aren’t really able to travel around on a whim to learn languages due to work and family commitments.

With Skype for Business, learning English with qualified native trainers will become easier.

Skype for Business is not the same as a free version of Skype for home. The free version of Skype is good for personal use, but has many limitations compared to Skype for Business. Skype for Business lets you host up to 15 people and even more in online classes, and it provides more secure online environments.

Skype for Business has a number of potential uses for collaboration and learning.

It provides a way to:
– have classes online conveniently when weather precludes traveling.
– share screens
– record and post classes and presentations.
– transfer files between the students
– share desktop, slides or any other programs on your computer
– use an online whiteboard with drawing and annotation tools.

Students must have web access to attend Skype classes via Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, or 10; Mozilla Firefox; Safari. They can participate in our Skype for Business classes as “guests” after they install the Skype for Business Web App, which is a free plug-in.